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Time To Say Goodbye …

Sometimes, it’s hard to say goodbye.

Especially when it’s goodbye to something that will probably cost you nearly a fortune to replace … am i right?

You think,

‘oh … it’s not so bad’

‘if I stay on the left I won’t notice the uncomfortable spring poking on the right’

 ‘sleeping in the divot in the shape of me is just like sleeping on a tempurpedic’

… not so much.

Well, put those thoughts out of your mind and head over to your nearest Stuff!

I bet you didn’t know Stuff Etc carries BRAND SPANKING NEW mattresses!?

It. Is. True!

Our mattresses are shipped here weekly from Restonic, an Iowa based mattress company.

We have arrangements with Restonic that allows us to offer you new mattresses at unbeatable prices, prices you won’t find anywhere else.

And for the rest of this month, until Feb 29th, we are offering those mattresses to you for an additional 10% off!   All pieces are sold individually and there is no minimum purchase requirement.  Our twin mattress/box spring set starts at $169.99 (before the discount).

This is a pretty sweet deal, especially since we RARELY offer discounts on mattresses.  AND we can offer you the same discount on any special order we place for you when you pay at the time of the order.

You will always find a basic style of mattress in stock, but if you’re looking for a pillow top, extra firm, california king, split queen box spring … whatever it is, we can get it for you and usually within a week!


if you need some help getting it home, we can help with that too!

All of our locations offer top-notch delivery service for a minimal fee, so be sure to let us know if we can help you get it there.

Fret no longer, my lovelies, and start saying your good-byes!

Click here to find your nearest Stuff Etc location


Happy Valentine’s Day

Yes.  We.  Are!

You & Stuff Etc.

Like peanut butter & jelly.

Romeo & Juliet.

Maccaroni & cheese.

One just doesn’t work without the other!

We hope you are having a fantastic day full of love,

and hopefully none of you will get a love letter like this one …

hee hee … love this!


{ p/c via pinterest }

Hallelujah, It’s Raining Men

Did you know that we L.O.V.E. men at Stuff Etc?

The stylish man, the manly man, the ladies man, the all-about-town man…

We just can’t get enough of them … or their “stuff”!

We know (based on sales & traffic tracking) that there has been a MAJOR shift in our shoppers of the male gender.

This makes us very happy!

This also means we need WAY MORE man stuff.

But we’re not doing too bad … take a look-see…

and just a little extra eye candy for us ladies that like to shop for our men…

as well as some clothing inspiration for our male shoppers …

take a little lesson from actor Chris Pine…

head to toe … you can find it all at Stuff Etc!

Happy Weekend

so you know all those single gloves lying around that are missing their partner?

(at least a half-dozen at my house – i seriously make my kids wear two different gloves since they can’t seem to keep the match – no.  seriously.  i do.)

check out this super quick, fun weekend project …

are you one of the lucky folk that have managed to keep your glove mates all season but still want to make a cute, little glove squirrel?

we still have some gloves (& other winter accessories) at all of our Stuff Etc stores longing to be cut up into little stuffed loveies  for your wee ones …

and they’re all 50% off!

happy weekend!

Happy Weekend

Indianapolis is ready for the Super Bowl!!!

Are you?

Better bust out the stretch pants if there’s a Super Bowl Party in your future, or at least something comfy in red, white or blue … either way you can’t go wrong!

( did i mention you can get all the comfy stuff at Stuff? )

Go Patriots!  Go Giants!

May the best team win!

{ p/c via behindthescencesnfl }

Layers Layers Layers

I don’t know about you, but this winter weather has me reeling …

January/February in Iowa, we’re usually dealing with 20 below zero wind chill (fahrenheit) and a high of 2 degrees for the day.

This year, it’s been as low as 12 … maybe once.

Earlier this week it was 64F. What the heck?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind 6 more weeks of this Mr. Groundhog, but seriously, somebody better call Al Gore.

Global warming aside, weather of this nature can be a challenge when dressing to leave the house, but think of how much fun you can have with the layers!

I found some awesome inspiration that I wanted to share with you all in hopes to make your dressing a little easier and a whole lot more fun!

…  scroll on …

{ p/c via cupcakes & cashmere }

{all 3 p/c via urbanweeds }

and let’s not forget to layer the stylish men …

{all 3 p/c via jak&jil }

Feeling inspired to add a few layers?

I know, right?!

Best part is, all fall & winter items are 50% off at all Stuff Etc locations right now!  So you can stock up for hardly NOTHING on a few, or many, outstanding pieces this weekend and get to layering!

p.s. share some pics of your thrifty layering so that we may share with our fans

Trending: Bright Pants

Good Morning Friday!

I saw this and instantly had to share …

First, how cute is she (Kristen Bell)?

Second, i love love LOVE the blast of pink pants with all the black.

Super hot, super fun, super inspired!

(p.s. stay tuned for what I’m fixing up for later today)

{ pc/via whowhatwear }

Recently on the Runway

This skirt …

Maybe you’ve seen it?

Featured in fashion mags, fashion blogs, I’ve even seen it floatin’ around on Pinterest!

Well  guess what?!

I have stumbled upon the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) instructions of how to make this fabulous, fashion trendy skirt yourself with just a little repurposing …

And pick up your supplies at any of our Stuff Etc stores for less than $10!

We have the skirts,  probably a pair of winter tights or leggings and maybe even some boots to top it off (all winter items are 50% off too)!

p.s. be sure to share your skirt pics with us when you’re done!

{ full instructions & p/c whowhatwear }