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Happy Weekend

Hello my lovelies!

Sounds like a little snow is headed our way, so I was thinking, what better time for some repurposing projects?

Check out a few of my faves that have me totally inspired …

… ¬†repurposed bike …

… recycled globes …

… repurposed barn wood …

… recycled books …

… repurposed lace doilies …

… recycled tv …

My problem is, I can’t decide which one to do first!

Hope you all have a fantastic and meaningful weekend … stay awesome!

{ p/c peppermags }


Formally Fashionable

Do you have a spring formal in your near future?

Or know someone who does?

All of our stores are currently stocking up on spring formals to get you to the dance in stunning style without breaking your piggy bank!

Our Coralville location {2818 Commerce Dr} has just received HUNDREDS of brand new dresses, ranging from $59.99 to $189.99, along with other previously loved, gorgeous formals.

Hurry in to get first pick! There are so many styles to choose from and not a single one is alike {well …. there might be a couple} but no one will look as stunning as you, I’m sure of it! ūüėČ

ALSO, keep us in mind if you have a formal that you’ve been hanging onto …

thinking maybe you can hand it down to your baby sister? {not likely}

or alter it so you can wear it again? {also not likely}

maybe you can be “Carrie” next Halloween? {not a safe bet}

Give it once last glance of fondness and bring it in to any of our Stuff Etc stores so another girl can love it just as much!

AND let the money you will  get in return help ease the pain of letting go.

{visit us here}

Happy Weekend

It’s finally here!

The snow AND the weekend!

Get out and enjoy it!

Half Price Sales Are Here!


It’s finally here ….

The Stuff Etc semi-annual store wide Half Price Sales!

This Saturday, we invite you to our Cedar Rapids & Waterloo locations for an experience you’ll be quick to remember for a very long time.

(next Saturday, Jan 21st @ Iowa City, Coralville, & Davenport)

Shopping for bargains are a thrill in themselves, but imagine getting a half-price bargain on your bargain?

Over the years, we’ve seen just about everything at a Half Price Sale….

Sprinting for carts, pulling hair over beanie babies (no lie), one woman checking out with 3 heaping carts of clothing, not to mention, people dropping trou in the aisles just to try on clothes.

We often have groups of girlfriends come from out of town and make a weekend of it just shopping all of our stores!

Last year, I received an email from a woman that shopped our sales and was proud to announce that everything she wore to work that Monday was purchased at our half price sale (everything except her underwear that is)!

Shopping a half price sale is an adventure to say the least, and if you’re not shopping it, then the people watching at it is!

** (we love working it too) **

All of our stores are filled to the brim with name brand clothing, the latest accessories, home decor, sporting goods, electronics, furniture, and so so so SO much more!

Every location has an entire stock that is completely different from the next … ¬†there’s definitely something for everyone …

and no pushing or hair pulling will be necessary.


So grab your wallet and your buddies and head to Stuff Etc this weekend!

And again next weekend!

                                       **  CR & WATERLOO  **                                     Saturday Jan 14th- 9am to 6pm

                       **  IOWA CITY, CORALVILLE & DAVENPORT  **                    Saturday Jan 21st Р9am to 6pm

Want to avoid the madness and shop before everyone else?

Pick up an early bird ticket at the store you wish to shop the day of the sale and we will let you in at 8am.  Tickets can be purchased in advance and at the door the morning of the sale until 8:15am for $10.  Click here to get a coupon to buy your early bird ticket for half the price Рonly $5!

Click here for directions to all of our locations.

Now go …

have fun and be prosperous!

And be sure to share you comments after you shop, I can’t wait to hear¬†all about your successes!


a few pre-determined/marked furniture items will not be included in the sale

Giving Back in January

(What I really wanted was an image of the Eastern Iowa Corridor embraced by a hand, but that was a little tricky to find/create, so this one will do)  

Let me explain …

Each month,

Stuff Etc selects LOCAL nonprofit organizations to support in our stores.

Traditionally, the first weekend of each month, we host a sale that encourages our shoppers to donate $1 to the “Charity Umbrella” which earns them 20% off their entire purchase of full-priced items. ¬†Throughout the month, we continue to collect donations and share information about the organization with all of our shoppers.

At the end of the month, all the proceeds, including a kick from corporate, go to the organization(s) of the month.

Last year,

our shoppers helped us raise over $21,000 for area charities.


In January will are supporting THREE different organizations.

In our Coralville and Iowa City locations, your donations will help:

In Cedar Rapids, your donations will help:

In Waterloo, your donations will help:

In Davenport, your donations will help:

Shop our stores this weekend and SAVE 20% off your purchase of full-priced items when you donate $1 at the registers!

Thanks again for all your help! ¬†We couldn’t do it without you!

Time to Revolve Your Closet

I think I’ve used this picture more than once …

But I love it!

I mean, who hasn’t been here? (Me for one …. ALOT lately!)

Staring blindly at the bursting-at-the-seams-closet but nothing to wear syndrome.

OR nothing in my closet fits!

OR I can’t stand the thought of wearing that shirt-pant-skirt-sweater-dress one more time!

Well… I say don’t bother!

Clean it out all your best, previously loved SPRING clothing and accessories, and bring them into any of our Stuff Etc locations.

We will turn it into cash for you!

And while you’re here, pick up something “new” to you. ¬†Our racks are packed with current styles and fashions to dress you and yours head to toe!

All of our fall and winter items are currently 20% off and all of our spring clothing will hit the floors just after our storewide half price sales this month.

Visit us in Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo & Davenport!