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Consignors = Business Partners



Target, TJ Maxx, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Anthropology …

What do all of these stores have in common?


ALL of their inventory comes from warehouses, designers, manufacturers, etc.


Essentially making them { YOU } our partners in business.

{ YOU } are the key component to the beginning of our success cycle (#1 below):

1. { YOU } bring in your quality, previously loved items

2. We select, price & merchandise those items correctly

3. We sell { YOUR } items for the best possible price

4. { YOU } collect your cash

5. Cycle complete



To all of our current and future consignors out there,

THANK { YOU } for being our PARTNERS …

Our business is better because of { YOU }!


Changing Our Ways

There is a whole lot of buzzing on the internet today about the MIT prediction “global economic crash; the next great depression”

But what caught my eye and got my wheels a turnin’ in my busy lil’ brain was a comment a friend posted today on facebook :

(hope you don’t mind me sharing Ashley)

“We need to be reducing, reusing, and recycling more than ever! MIT among other groups are predicting another “Great Depression” if we don’t change our ways. We are using too many of our resources at a rapid rate. I am trying to be greener in my everyday life: using less paper towels and using rags instead, I recycle everything I possibly can, repurposing things, taking advantage of consigning items we no longer use or donating them to Goodwill, and even though it isn’t the most efficient on gas…I am driving my 1998 Dodge Durango until I have to replace it. We need to quit living these materialistic lives and bring focus back to what is most important: our families and the future we are providing for our children. You don’t have to turn into a “tree hugger,” but start thinking collectively. Think about how your actions affect your future, others’ lives, the planet, the relationships that the US has with other countries, and so on.”

I think Ashley hit it on the head.  Nailed. It.

I’ve heard of “ethical consumerism” but my favorite term to date is


It’s true that consumerism makes the world go round.  Many believe and promote that the world will tank if we aren’t spending and buying and selling and money money money money.  And the interesting thing is MIT is predicting the opposite.   I say we just need to be smarter.

We all need to be smarter about how we spend, how we use our resources, how we are giving back and what we are leaving behind for our children.

Ashley mentioned steps that she has incorporated into her life and family.

Here is a link from Real Simple magazine that tells you how to recycle EVERYTHING!  I found it fascinating and inspiring.

Some may say it’s too much, too hard, too overwhelming …

But I say we have to start somewhere.  Pick one or two, five or ten …

but start somewhere.

And I would be amiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to say that consigning your  no-longer-needed-previously-loved clothing, furniture, and practically everything under your roof at Stuff Etc is an excellent first step.

Bring us your items and we will turn it into cash for you. I am addicted to this process!  Having four, constantly growing kids, I am always taking our things in to consign and turning it around to pick up the items my kids or home need now … all in one place.  And I didn’t spend any money.  I just recycled it.


So my friends … I ask you, what are you doing today?  What will you be doing tomorrow? How will you “start somewhere”?

Cross Off TWO Resolutions!

Two of the most common resolutions on many top ten lists of resolutions are GET ORGANIZED and SAVE MONEY.  Am I right or am I right?
Guess what?!  I started yesterday!  I know. I know.  It’s only January 2nd, but shoot!  Why waste time?  I live in a very large farmhouse which comfortably allows for many things to gather without being too obvious.  But as I was trying to put away Christmas and our closets were literally bursting… I said to myself, “Sister, it is time to get to Stuff!”  (yes, I sometimes call myself sister, cause it’s fun, AND I am actually a sister so it’s applicable too) 🙂
I looked like I was heading into battle. I armed myself with a huge stash of recycle bags and pockets full of trash bags and went from room to room.  I organized and gathered items that we no longer use (or sadly never used).  I kept the Stuff Etc standards in mind and into the recycle bags went the items I can consign and as hard as it was, the other items went into trash bags that will go to donation.  And even further, the stuff NOBODY deserves to be burdened with went to the burn pile.
Talk about rejuvenating!  And even more exhilarating is reaping the financial rewards!  WHICH I have resolved to SAVE at the bank of Stuff Etc.  I mean, shoot, it’s like free money, right?  It’s not like I had to work too hard for it and if I just leave it there and let it build up, when it’s time to get the kid’s school clothes in the fall I won’t have to take it from my paycheck – just use my store credit.  Or if we want to take a little family trip (another resolution “spend more time with family”) that we probably can’t usually afford, then I will have some money that again, won’t have to come from my paycheck.   WIN/WIN!!
Looky there!  TWO, possibly THREE, resolutions I can actually check off my list this year.  Let’s face it, it’s hard to follow through with the resolutions year after year.  And being a goal-oriented person, it’s almost depressing when I’m unable to cross things off my list…seriously! I almost resolved to not even have resolutions, but when Stuff Etc makes it this easy…I am a happy person and a successful list crosser-offer!