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Iowa Artist: Isabel Bloom

isabel bloom

Do you know Isabel Bloom?

Well, maybe you don’t know her … I don’t know her either, but I wish I did.

Maybe you are familiar with her work?

isabel bloom violet

{ This is Violet.  She is my favorite. }

Being born and raised in Iowa, and a fellow artist, I have a special place in my heart for Isabel Bloom and just want to share some details about her that I find fascinating.

Isabel Scherer Bloom

  • born in Galveston, Texas, in 1908.
  • moved to Davenport, Iowa, in 1909 and remained there for the rest of her life.
  • original education was in dressmaking and design.
  • started attending the Stone City Art Colony in 1932.
  • studied under Grant Wood.
  • met her future husband, John Bloom (also an artist), while at the Colony.
  • created and starred in a children’s program at the Davenport WOC television station for several years called “Make Believe” ( she made all the sets )
  • her figurines are crafted from the locally available materials of concrete and river stone.
  • she sculpted in their basement studio in her spare time, mixing her own cement with a shovel.
  • got her business started by submitting several concrete pieces to shops in Chicago
  • Hoops, a garden shop on Michigan Avenue, was the first American retail outlet for the Isabel Bloom figurine line.
  • by the early 60’s, she quickly outgrew her basement and rented studio space in an abandoned ice cream factory.
  • she maintained a studio, which became her shop, on Brown Street in the Village of East Davenport until 1981.
  • Bloom sold the shop to a group of Quad-Cities businessmen who expanded the retail chain on a national scale. The original storefront is still a staple of its quaint shopping district.
  • She continued to advise and promote the figurine company until her death at age 93 in 2001.

Living here in Iowa, we are fortunate to have access to an abundance of Isabel Bloom figurines.  Shoot, it’s practically a staple in the gardens & homes of local residents.

We are also extremely fortunate to receive several pieces on consignment at all of our Stuff locations.  At any given time, you can walk into our Davenport store and find at least a dozen pieces for sale in the case.  The extra special, often retired pieces are featured in our “Silent Auction” – like this one currently available:

{ Girl With Bird,  1ft 7in tall  – isn’t she beautiful? }

Here’s a little sample of what else is currently available in the case at the Davenport Stuff Etc …

Thanks for letting me share!  Perhaps you are an Isabel Bloom fan too?



A Mother’s Work is Never Done…

We should all appreciate, value, respect and show some love for our mothers every day, but let’s face it… they are the first one’s to get lost in the shuffle.  Mom’s are great at being in the background.  Do you thank her every day when you magically have clean underwear in your drawer?  Or a clean spoon to eat your breakfast cereal every morning? Or that extra five bucks she hands you on your way out the door?  Nope.  And who reminds her every year that your birthday is around the corner?  Or how does she always seem to make your favorite pie at Christmas?  Or never forget your shirt size? Or your favorite color?  Mystery.  And listen up husbands…if you have children, more than likely, your wife makes your life just a little bit easier as well. Am I right?

Some of this probably isn’t what makes a mother such a great mom, but still, where would we be without her? And no need to get cosmic either….the simple truth is moms are pretty spectacular.  If there’s only one day a year set aside to recognize them and all the wonderful things they painlessly seem to do for us, then we better make it a spectacular day for them!

Stuff Etc can help you get a head start on that this year!  Check out Iowa City’s latest Silent Auction dedicated to Mother’s Day.   In this one auction, you will find SIX Isabel Bloom pieces, TWO unique stone necklaces, the most beautiful Bavarian tea set I’ve ever seen, a must-have Coach purse and so many other items any mother would love to have!  Click here to catch a glimpse of a few items and the full list of what’s available for bid.  Better yet, stop by soon to place your personal bid before someone else beats you to it!

Smurfs, Legos, American Girl, OH MY!

SEE!  You never know what you’re going to find in the Silent Auction at Stuff Etc.  The newest batch of auction items (over 42 different items to bid on) certainly has something for everyone.  CLICK HERE to see them all now.

If you have never bid on a silent auction item, there’s no need to feel intimidated.  It’s so super easy, anyone can do it!  If you see an item you’re interested in, you simply check the bid sheet to see what the current bid is and you place your bid amount following the increment guidelines.  The auction runs for two weeks, so keep checking back to insure that you haven’t been out-bid.  If you have, and you’d like to keep bidding, just bump it up to the next level, and so on.  The highest bidder wins and you will be notified immediately the next day following the closing day of the auction.  Not too tough, huh?

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Royal Copenhagen Swan

Check out this beautiful figurine currently featured in the Coralville Stuff Etc Silent Auction.  This is a retired model and can’t be found for any less than $200 on eBay right now.  Here’s a wonderful opportunity to own this mint condition, graceful white swan.  If interested, please stop by the Coralville location, 2818 Commerce Dr, or call 319-545-8408 to place your bid.  Starting bid is $100.  You won’t want to miss out on this beauty!  Auction ends Sunday, January 23rd.

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