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I LOVE Construction! Who’s With Me?!


How many times have you heard someone mutter those words?

My guess is probably …. NEVER.  Unless you’re one those lifers in the biz, right?

Well …

Our Coralville Stuff Etc is currently under construction and we are ECSTATIC!


We recently secured an acre of land to our west and have begun construction in our lower level where we will have official Franchise office space.

If you stop by today, this is what you’d see :

{ I’m not gonna lie … looks a little like we’re going out of business, but I assure you, it’s quite the opposite } 



Even more exciting than the franchise offices, is the 50 foot expansion you will soon see on the main level! 

This expansion will include a new, separate and easily accessible entrance for our consignors connected by a hallway that flows into the main store for our shoppers continued convenience.

As you are shopping and consigning with us throughout this process, we beg you for your patience.  It could be a little noisy at times, but we assure you that we will continue to serve you and care for your items at the same level you have grown accustomed to.

Beyond the excitement we have with the new construction, we look forward to the extra step of service we will be able to provide once it’s all completed.

Stay tuned for updates!



Staff Assemble Knock-Out DIY T-Shirt Scarves


These three lovelies from our Cedar Rapids crew were inspired to buy 25 cent t-shirts from our store and turn them into fabulous upcycled scarves!

Emily (left, 2 years on the team), chose to fashion a lime-green spaghetti scarf… nice choice!

Steph (middle, 3 years on the team), went with a two-tone ruffle scarf… love the colors!

And Jamie (right, 2 years on the team), powered out an awesome combination of the braided and spaghetti scarf … are those wooden beads I see in there?

Seriously girls, I am impressed!  And inspired!  

{ and a little jealous, I might add }

Did I mention they recycled t-shirts they purchased from the quarter bins at our store?

Check out this link to get a little know how.



{ p/c My Blessed Life }

Have you made an upcycled t-shirt scarf?  We’d love to see it!

Happy Weekend!


Why I am Considering an Anti-Resolution for 2013

be awesome

Did you know that 88% of all New Year’s resolutions fail?

Which leads to unnecessary shame and disappointment.

Yet, people do them year after year after year.

Including me.

This year, I decided that maybe I would try a different tactic.  Not so much as to outsmart myself, similar to setting the clock 10 minutes ahead so I will be on time every day { because that always works }, but to avoid the impending self-loathing that occurs as I under-achieve … year after year after year after year.

I decided to do a little “google” research on anti-resolution { because I can’t possibly be the only human on earth that has had it up to here with another January of planning out my next set of failures }

and I found this.

choose your resolution

Which, I might add, I am very fond of.

It has inspired me to stop the resolution madness and start looking at making/achieving new goals with a different perspective …

take my goals and break them into small daily actions …

leading me on a journey to “EVOLVE” in this life rather than “RESOLVE”.

Are you ready to buck the resolution system and join the anti-resolution revolution?

Cheers to you, my friends … and GOOD LUCK!